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OUR Story



Simone Pin Productions brings you curated shows that create an unparalleled viewer experience from beginning to end. We are a women of color owned production company dedicated to captivating audiences with our thought provoking performances, diverse cast, sex appeal and editorial aesthetics through technical burlesque.



Our story began at a small coffee shop in Seattle, WA in late 2017 when we came up with the idea to pilot our first show together after Shay’s burlesque heels class. We had collaborated in a couple of dance shows here and there in Seattle, but we never co-produced a show together. By the end of 2018, we produced two shows, BLACK SILK and Dollhouse.


BLACK SILK was our first production, a summer-themed show mixing burlesque and hip hop with a cast of local burlesque artists of color. Dollhouse, our second co-produced show, was a southern gothic inspired burlesque featuring a majority women of color cast and drew inspiration from the reclaiming of diverse bodies. Both BLACK SILK and Dollhouse were sold out shows and together we handled every aspect of the show from costuming, choreography, marketing, ticket sales, set design, coordinating our cast, rehearsal/tech schedules and other production details. The success of these shows affirmed our decision to formalize our partnership and Simone Pin Productions was born.


As we refined the aesthetic and goal of our production company, we realized that we are passionate about ensuring performers of color have a space. We, ourselves as dancers of color, have experienced our own challenges in finding our voice and platform to perform, and we want to promote a culture and space where diversity is celebrated. We are dedicated to working with majority performers of color in our cast and allowing our cast to shine and showcase their artistic integrity. We also support businesses and entrepreneurs of color by hiring them as part of our production team to assist us in music editing, props, set design and our other production needs.


We thank all of our friends, family and fellow artists in our community for following our journey and for your continued support!



-Annya & Shay